What’s in my handbag – work bag editon

Revelation and some surprises

 When I show up with my large work bag, people look at me and ask them selfs „what is she carrying around in her massive trunk?“ Today I will show you what I carry around on an average work day. There may be some surpirses and some things everyone calls their essentails.

Chanel Workbag

Chanel workbag

The work bag edition

I love handbags, and have quite a nice collection. I like to match my bag with my outfit.  Therefore I change my bags a least every other day. Regularly changing bags  has the nice side effect to declutter the bag always. Otherways papers and receipts would claim quite some space in my work bag.

On a weekday I use large handbags which allow me to carry multiple electronic devices and my notebook.

My favorite choices of work bags

A more formal bag in my collection is my beige Chanel tote bag. Special in the summertime I  love my Chanel Deauville shopping bag or my Louis Vuitton Neverfull.

Chanel large tote with content

What’s inside my handbag?

Tempo tissue -I alway need to have tissues.

Christian Dior Lip Sugar Scrub -I am completely obsessed with this lip care!

Cosmetic bag


iPhone 6 plus and Blackberry

Purse by Louise Vuitton

Calendar by Louis Vuitton

Keyholder by Chanel

Cardholder by Chanel

Pen by Montblanc -A smart lady always got a pen with her.

Battery-pack, Charger and Lapton


Shopping tote


Work bag with laptop

Work accessories: laptop, notepad, calendar, blackberry and charger

Work bag beauty essentials

Work bag beauty essentials

 I hope you had fun reading this little article about my work bag and my essentials. Would you like to share some of your handbag secrets with us?

 What can I find in work bag?

What is your favourite work bag?

Are you changing your handbags regularly?

I am really looking forward to you answers in the comment section.

Love, Esther



    • Esther
      29. April 2017 / 22:24

      Mahi, thank you. The bag is fabulous.
      Love, Esther

    • Esther
      29. April 2017 / 22:23

      Thank you, darling.
      Love, Esther

  1. 30. April 2017 / 11:58

    Love your Chanel work bag! It looks like a great size for a work bag too x


    • Esther
      30. April 2017 / 17:13

      Hi Jenny, yes, it is perfect for my needs right now.
      Love, Esther

    • Esther
      6. Mai 2017 / 08:25

      Hi Merel, thank you so much for your support.
      Have a nice weekend.
      Love, Esther

    • Esther
      6. Mai 2017 / 08:27

      Hello Julia,
      thank you for your nice comment. I love to be prepared and have the tings I need with me.
      Have a fabulous weekend.
      Love, Esther

  2. 10. Mai 2017 / 19:30

    Your work bag is BEAUTIFUL, Esther!!! My favorite work bag is Street Level. I have three, lol! They’re reversible, roomy and very sturdy. I am LOVING that Chanel phone charger! SO cute!

    She Sweats Diamonds

    • Esther
      11. Mai 2017 / 05:58

      Hi Huong, thank you.
      This is the most important.
      Have a nice week. Love, Esther

    • Esther
      12. Mai 2017 / 07:24

      It seems you are really in love with the MaxMara Whitney. 🙂 Have a nice weekend.
      Love, Esther

    • Esther
      13. Mai 2017 / 13:57

      Hi Jessica,
      Thank you very much.
      Have a nice weekend. Love, Esther

    • Esther
      13. Mai 2017 / 18:26

      Hi Gabrielle, thank you darling.
      Love, Esther

    • Esther
      17. Mai 2017 / 12:29

      Hi Caroline,
      thank you so much. Have a beautiful day.
      Love, Esther

    • Esther
      17. Mai 2017 / 16:24

      Hi Samantha,
      thank you so much.
      Have a fabulous day.
      Love, Esther

  3. 21. Mai 2017 / 04:03

    Always, always need to keep a few clips and hair ties in my purse too! I always like to pin my bangs back when I’m working. I like how your purse is so simple and minimal. I’m sure you can pair it with ANY look xx

    Jordyn // http://www.jordynpamela.com

    • Esther
      22. Mai 2017 / 15:56

      Hi Jordyn,
      thank you so much for your feedback. You are absolutely right, this bag is easy to combine with different looks.
      Please visit soon again. I post two articles per week.
      Love, Esther

    • Esther
      22. Mai 2017 / 15:57

      Hi Bonjour Chiara,
      Chanel is such a fabulous brand. Their bags are simply stunning.
      Love, Esther

    • Esther
      25. Mai 2017 / 10:37

      Hi Heather,
      thank you so much. Have a beautiful day my dear.
      Love, Esther

    • Esther
      26. Mai 2017 / 14:50

      Hi Dimito,
      thank you so much.
      Have a beautiful day.Love, Esther

  4. 26. Mai 2017 / 17:46

    great post,I like these kind of posts,we have almost the same things in common inside our bags,a hand sanitizer is a must for me to have in my handbag though x


    • Esther
      27. Mai 2017 / 16:37

      thank you for stopping by and your feedback.
      Have a beautiful weekend. Love, Esther

  5. 21. März 2018 / 15:49

    Liebe Esther, Tasche und Inhalb sind genau mein Geschmack. Du weißt ja, dass ich immer aufhorche, wenn es um Taschen geht. Herzliche Grüße, Michaela

    • Esther
      21. März 2018 / 15:55

      Liebe Michaela,
      an diesem schönen Stück konnte ich einfach nicht vorbeigehen. Das Design ist klasse, die Farbe sowieso und es passt ein bisschen mehr hinein als in die Metis.
      Wir teilen doch die Leidenschaft für schöne Handtaschen. Bis ganz bald. Liebe Grüße, Esther

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