Spring vibes – time to change your wardrobe

Spring time vibes



Springtime -time to change you wardrobe

Slowly the temperatures are rising, the sun comes out for more and more hours and the spring flowers are showing their beautiful blossoms. Time to change the wardrobe to more spring colors and lighter materials. Me personally I love springtime and I love to adapt my wardrobe and do a little spring-cleaning too.

Mix your favorite pieces from last season with new pieces

I am always excited when I reorganize my wardrobe and I see all those beautiful favorites from last season or even before again. I will show you with this example outfit how I combined new and old items in one outfit.

Accessories all in pink

Let’s start with this gorgeous hat

I have seen the color and knew I need to have it. The hat is a piece I bought this winter. It is from Maison Michel. This french designer is an icon when it comes to hats. Every season there are new beautiful models. Unfortunately, these hats are quite expensive, but they are a very good quality and will last you for many seasons.

A good coat is an essential in every wardrobe

Everyone should have at least one good coat in their wardrobe. This one I bought two years ago at Burberry. Burberry coats tend to be a good lifetime companion. Their fabrics and the craftwork are always a very good quality.

Shoes …..

Woman shoes are mostly a trend product. They will last you depending on the detailing two to three years if at all. And Ladies shoes should be comfortable. I know, they might look so stunning and even though you can’t walk in them -you just need to have them. The shown Gucci shoes have a mid heel (5,5 cm) and are very comfortable. I bought them last summer and was really looking forward to spring to wear them again.

The knit dress

is new. A few weeks ago an EDITED store opened in Frankfurt. Since I  am always very interested in innovations I have visited the store and found this sophisticated dress. No, these are not sleeves from a jumper. “The sleeves ” is a belt which came with the dress.

Dress Peggy from Edited

Coat Burberry

Springtime with my favorite dress

Shop my outfit:

Hat: Maison Michel shop here

Coat: Burberry shop Burberry coat here

Shoes: Gucci  GG Marmont suede mid heel Moccasin Loafer shop here

Dress: Edited Dress Peggy  shop here


Do you have a favorite dress for spring yet?