Fishnet Stockings back on trend

Are they really back? The fishnet stockings?

There is nothing like fashion. Trends come and go. I would like to introduce the actual trend. The fishnet stocking is very visual in the past weeks so I decided to do a little research and play around with them. Maybe you can gain some inspiration and create your unique styling version.

Historical background about the fishnet stockings

Invented 1890 in France the fishnet stockings got world-famous through the CANCAN-dancers in Paris.  The fishnet stockings were featured in nearly every decade in fashion. Madonna, for example, brought them back in style in 1990. The last huge revival of the fishnet stockings was 2001 when the film Moulin Rouge was released.

How to style fishnet stockings

I have played around with the fishnet stockings and would like to give you some ideas how you could style them. I have used different themes to give you multiple ideas. From dressed down to the total focus on the fishnet stocking.

Fishnet Stockings with jeans and high heels

Here I have styled the fishnet stockings under a denim trouser by Massimo Dutti with high heels by Banana Republic (old). Reveals just a little fishnet but gives the style something special.

Fishnet Stockings with skirt and high heels

In combination with skirt and high heels -a more revealing and sexy variation.

Coat by Burberry (old), Skirt by Wolford.


Fishnet stockings, skirt and ankle boots

You can even style them with ankle boots by Jimmy Choo.

Fishnet stockings, jeans and loafers

Styled very dressed down with flat loafers Model Joordan by Gucci. Handbag by Chanel Model Classic Flap.

At the end of the day, you should always feel comfortable with what you are wearing. It is not necessary to follow each trend. I think the fishnet stockings could have their revival now. Importantly is to consider the different ways of styling them.

Enjoy playing around and find your style. 

LOVE, Esther



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