Louis Vuitton Metis – I am a handbag addict

Louis Vuitton Metis Pochette

I have a passion for Louis Vuitton products – in particular handbags. My first designer handbag was a Louis Vuitton Deauville. I have written an article about the Deauville recently. But today I would like to write about an other model -the Louis Vuitton Metis.

Louis Vuitton Metis
Louis Vuitton Metis in Rose Poudre & Louis Vuitton Metis Revers Canvas

Facts about the Louis Vuitton Metis Pochette

The launch was in January 2013. It is an interpretation of the Monceau BB. It was first released in Monogram Canvas and later in 2015 in Monogram reverse. This is the model with the caramel/brown Monogram flap and shoulder strap. In March 2017 they released the Louis Vuitton Metis Pochette Empreinte in several colors.

Measurements: 9,8 x 7,5 x 3,5 inches ( length  x height  x width )

Louis Vutton Metis
Louis Vuitton Metis Empreinte Rose Poudre with Bandeau

My story with the Louis Vuitton Metis

I really have to confess that I ignored the Louis Vuitton Metis for quite a while. To be honest years. In November 2016 I have brought the Metis in the Monogram Reverse. I wanted a handbag that I can wear crossbody and in the hand. The Metis can be worn both ways. Of course, you can wear it on the shoulder too. -The shoulder strap is adjustable.

After the Metis had moved in my passion with this beautiful bag begun. I was wearing the bag every day. I rarely used another bag. My family started making fun of me. In terms of cost per wear, this bag is technically written off. -It is my 1 Euro bag.

In February I said to my husband „I love this bag so much, I need it in a lighter color for spring“. Then I saw pictures in Instagram of the Metis in rose poudre. I was the first one in the local Louis Vuitton store and ordered the Louis Vuitton Metis in rose poudre without having it seen life.

Due to the lighter color, it appears a bit sporty. I have dressed up the top handle with a Louis Vuitton Bandeau. I believe this beauty will be my constant companion during spring and summer this year.

Louis Vuitton Metis

Louis Vuitton Metis
Backside view