Dior des Lices, Dior Cafe Saint Tropez

The Cotes d‘ Azur has many beautiful places. One of the most beautiful places  I have seen is the Dior des Lices in Saint Tropez. I believe it is better known as Dior Cafe. When I planned our trip to the Cotes d‘ Azur I planned a day in Saint Tropez and made a reservation for breakfast.

Outside view Dior des lices Villa
Dior des Lices in St. Tropez Outside view

Directions to Dior des Lices

We stayed in Nice and made a day trip to Saint Tropez. I planned two and a half hours for the distance from Nice Center to Saint  Tropez. We quickly learned that this was an underestimation for this journey during the main season. In the end, it took us three and a half hours to get from Nice to Saint Tropez. There are various park garages and a fast parking space at the port.

Once in Saint Tropez, everything can be reached within walking distance.


Garden Dior des lices in St. Tropez


The Dior des Lices

The restaurant is in the garden of the Dior store Saint Tropez. Every year the restaurant opens May 15 until the first week of October. Breakfast is from 10:00 to 11:30 and Lunch from 12:00 to 14:30 followed by dinner.

Since we missed our breakfast appointment, I called them and asked if we could change it into a lunch date instead. Luckily the friendly restaurant host could offer us a table for 12:00 o’clock.


Dior des Lices Menu

The menu offers a huge variety to choose from.

Menu cards Dior des Lices


Dior des lices bread roll selection

We had the plate de jour as a 3-course menu.

Plate de jour Entree at the dior des Lices
Entree: Asparagus soup with salmon and creme fraiche. This soup is served cold.


Dior des Lices Main course
Main course: Grilled fish with broccoli puree and eggplant.


Dior des Lices plate de jour dessert
Dessert: Cream Chantilly, ice-cream and cake.


Dior des Lices: Dior ice coffee
Iced Cappuccino with Dior Logo.


The menu was delicious, and we had a beautiful view!


Dior Logo in the garden at Dior des lices

The staff at the Dior des Lices is very professional and friendly. A relaxed atmosphere makes you feel very comfortable, and you get the summer at the Cotes d‘ Azur feeling immediately. We enjoyed our lunch very much.

After Lunch, we went to the boutique, and I could not resist and get a little „souvenir“ for my self.

Dior des Lices Terrasse


In the garden of Dior des Lices


Dior des Lices garden

The landscape of this garden is so beautiful, everything is arranged with so much love and a fantastic sense for details.

I could have stayed for hours.

Dior des Lices


Adress: 13, rue Francois Sibilli, 83990 Saint Tropez,

Contact: Phone: 04 98 12 67 65, E-mail: rsainttropez@christiandior.fr


We enjoyed our time at this fantastic place. Thank you, Christian Dior, for running a place like this.

Love, Esther 

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28 Kommentare

    • Esther
      28. Juli 2017 / 08:05

      Hi Len,
      thank you so much. It was fabulous there.
      Have a nice weekend. Love, Esther

  1. 28. Juli 2017 / 09:33

    This looks really pretty! Want to be there too! Hope you can join my Fancy Friday linkup!

    • Esther
      28. Juli 2017 / 10:53

      Hi Nancy,
      it was awesome. You should definitely visit one day.
      I will join your Fancy Friday linkup 🙂 Have a great weekend. Love, Esther

    • Esther
      28. Juli 2017 / 10:55

      Hi Tania,
      it is such a beautiful place. We enjoyed being there so much.
      Have a nice weekend. Love, Esther

    • Esther
      28. Juli 2017 / 14:57

      Hi Kris,
      when you get the chance you should visit. The place is so magical.
      Have a beautiful weekend. Love, Esther

    • Esther
      29. Juli 2017 / 09:06

      Hi Imogen,
      the weather was perfect and it is a very Instagram able place.
      Have a beautiful weekend. Love, Esther

    • Esther
      29. Juli 2017 / 09:07

      Hi Violette,
      oh yes it is. We had a great time over there.
      Have a beautiful weekend. Love, Esther

    • Esther
      29. Juli 2017 / 09:08

      Hi Silvia,
      thank you for stopping by.
      Have a beautiful weekend. Love, Esther

  2. 30. Juli 2017 / 09:35

    Wow the Cafe Looks so amazing,
    the Food Looks so tasty. Thank you for your impressions,
    now I am really hungry.

    with love your Amely Rose

    • Esther
      30. Juli 2017 / 13:12

      Hi Amely Rose,
      the atmosphere was amazing and the food was so delicious.
      Have a beautiful Sunday darling. Love, Esther

    • Esther
      30. Juli 2017 / 13:13

      Hi Seena,
      the place is so amazing and the food is fantastic.
      Have a nice Sunday. Love, Esther

  3. 30. Juli 2017 / 14:46

    Amazing hun, not sure why your photos always come up very stretched I have to refresh the page few times to actually see them lol. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Dominica from London, http://www.dominicas.uk xXx

    • Esther
      30. Juli 2017 / 18:24

      Hi Dominica,
      thank you for letting me know. I will check on that since I haven’t had any feedback regarding the pics.
      Have a nice Sunday. Love, Esther

    • Esther
      31. Juli 2017 / 05:34

      Hi Camille,
      the Dior des lices is such a beautiful place.
      Have a nice week. Love, Esther

    • Esther
      31. Juli 2017 / 14:30

      Hi Sophia,
      the food was delicious and it is such a beautiful place.
      Have a lovely week. Love, Esther

  4. 2. August 2017 / 18:51

    This is fabulous. I have never been to the Dior cafe but I would love to visit it one day ❤️. Thank you so much for your beautiful recommendations❤️

    • Esther
      2. August 2017 / 20:04

      Oh, Anda, you have to visit next time you are in south France. This was one of the best experiences during this vacation.
      Have a beautiful evening. Love, Esther

    • Esther
      4. August 2017 / 16:25

      Liebe Carolin,
      vielen Dank. Es war wunderschön dort, solltest Du einmal in der Nähe sein ist ein Besuch auf jeden Fall pflicht.
      Hab ein schönes Wochenende. Liebe Grüße, Esther

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