Designer handbag – the Louis Vuitton Deauville

My first designer handbag

Everyone has a first designer handbag and you will remember it since it is something really special to you. Can you imagine which brand my first designer handbag was? – Yes, it was a Louis Vuitton.

Most people buy a Speedy or a Neverfull as their first Louis Vuitton designer handbag. In comparison was the Deauville nearly double the price of a Speedy. I had to save the money for a year.

Louis Vuitton Deauville

The Louis Vuitton Deauville

Inspired by the fabulous campaign with Jennifer Lopez (2003) I fell in love with this gorgeous vanity bag. I was looking at that it back then and always thought „one day“. Louis Vuitton’s Deauville vanity bag was designed to be a vanity bag. Me personal never used it for this purpose.


Facts about the Deauville

This vanity/bowling bag has a double-zip. The opening is very spacious. It can be secured with a padlock. Inside has various pockets and holders for bottles -since it is originally a vanity bag.

Measurements: 13.8 x 10.6 x 5.5 inches ( length  x height  x width )

It is a perfect everyday bag, fits easily a smaller Laptop and/or A4 papers. You can carry it in the hand and on the arm. I recently saw it worn with a shoulder strap. I use this bag for traveling too. It holds quite a lot and you can still travel in style. This bag holds it shape perfectly. Even when it is heavily loaded the bottom never sunk down.

Obviously, it has Monogram Canvas on the outside and inside washable linen.

15-year-old Louis Vuitton Deauville

Mine is now nearly 15 years old. It has a beautiful patina on the vachetta leather handles. I have never washed the inside and it still looks good.

What was your first designer handbag and what or who has inspired you to buy it?